Q Grader資格訓練之資深講師Mr.Mane Alves


Mane Alves 簡介
Mane Alves 先生於精選咖啡產業擁有超過20 年以上的感官品嚐經驗。他是 Coffee LabI nternational,
Alves 先生與Specialty Coffee Association of America, SCAA(美國精選咖啡協會),及 Coffee Quality
Institute, CQI(咖啡品質機構),有相當密切的工作與合作。自2000 年CQI 成立以來他一開始至今都投
入“Q” Grader 課程教育工作裡。目前世界上通過”Q”Grader 課程的學生過半都是他親自教導出來的。
因此Alves 先生成功教學的品質與信用是無庸置疑的。
Alves 先生為了更了解每年的咖啡採收品質和最新狀況,所以他長年來不斷的旅行至各咖啡生產國家
他也教導”Q”Grader 課程給當地生產國的咖啡農以及遍佈美國與亞洲的咖啡專業人士。
Alves 先生生於葡萄牙的里斯本,他具有豐富的教學經驗,並精通5 國語言。他也曾經是美國加州的
葡萄酒製造者,於1991 年轉換到咖啡產業。他與妻子, Holly,及兩位青少年的女兒目前居住在
Waterbury Center, Vermont。
Mane Alves英文介紹
Mane Alves has over 20 years of sensory tasting experience in the specialty coffee industry. He is owner
of Coffee Lab International (CLI), a coffee testing and research laboratory which works with some of the
largest food and beverage companies in the USA and Europe.
Working in conjunction with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Coffee Quality
Institute (CQI), he has been teaching the “Q” Grader Courses since the “Q’s” inception in 2000. Mane, to
his credit, has successfully taught over half of the “Q Graders” in the world today.
Mane travels constantly to source countries throughout the year to keep himself updated with the
quality of the new coffee crops that are being harvested. He is often an international cupping judge,
tasting and rating various coffees from all over the world. He teaches the “Q” Grader course to
cuppers in coffee producing countries as well as to students in the US and in the Far East.
A native of Lisbon, Portugal, Mane has extensive experience teaching. He is fluent in 5 languages and
used to be a wine maker in California, prior to his switching fields into the coffee industry in 1991. Mane
lives with his wife, Holly, and their two teenage girls in Waterbury Center, Vermont.
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